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mTrade Business Intelligence

Analytics & Metrics

If you breathe on it, we track it

mTrade’s advanced analytics and metrics help you make sense of the seemingly endless data in a whole loan aquisition. Insightful reporting helps to improve decision making and track performance.

Our clients are discovering new ways of looking at the output of their data. The feedback is eye popping.

  • Assess how long it takes a seller to provide the correct documents on a loan
  • Compare to see which vendors are performing best (you define best)
  • Identify price points where sellers come to you, as well as leave you, for loan delivery


When you have a central “hub”, you can make sense of your data.

“Eye-Popping” Analytics

Once your files are in a ‘data world’, we can do amazing things. What once was chaos is now clear and concise.

Performance Metrics

Track performance of buyers, sellers, vendors, and your own team. Optimize from every angle.

mTrade will optimize your mortgage trading and collaboration process

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