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Life of Loan Warehouse

From Here to Eternity
~ and Beyond! ~

Risk retention rules, put-backs, and ever-changing regulations have made it absolutely critical to maintain near-perfect loan files for the full life of the loan, even if that loan was sold years ago.

The Life of Loan Warehouse provides long-term storage for both the data and scanned documents for all types of mortgages. Data in the Warehouse remains online, encrypted, and secure. You can search for and access any mortgage file at any time with a few mouse clicks, reducing risk.


We know your data security is one of your biggest priorities. Our secure, encrypted USA based server ensure your information is locked down and always online.


Our intuitive platform makes searching through loan files a breeze so when a regulator calls about a loan from years past, your answer is only a few clicks away.


Store as many loan files as you need in our secure and highly reliable cloud based web application.

mTrade will optimize your mortgage trading and collaboration process

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