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mTrade Loan Acquisition System

Loan Acquisition System

Your End-to-End Solution for Buying and Selling Whole Loans

If you are buying or selling whole loans, you are already experienced in the myriad of issues dealing with multiple parties, differing document stacking orders, paper or pdf documents, and timeliness of accurate data.

The mTrade Loan Acquisition System (The Clean Room HUB), helps

  • Connect market participants seamlessly and securely
  • Enable dynamic document stacking
  • Quickly extract data from paper documents
  • Reduce settlement time for all market participants
  • “Trust and Verify” document data for accuracy


Using the best combination of OCR technology and manual data input, we accurately extract all the data you need from paper/scanned loan files.


Loans come to you based on your stacking order and can be sent based on your investors stacking order. We make it simple.


We adhere to industry “Best Practices”, holding ourselves accountable through ongoing internal, client driven, and outside third party audits.

mTrade will optimize your mortgage trading and collaboration process

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